G085 / G506 - Chevrolet

Group 01 - Engine

Shim set, crankshaft bearing cap
Partnumber CV-608422

Lock, crankcase front end cover bolt
Partnumber CV-839152

Bolt, oil pan w/ lockwasher
Partnumber CV-839301
€15,00 set of 18 pieces

Cushion, engine side support
Partnumber CV-3680520

Mounting, engine front
Partnumber CV-3657520

Stud,  exhaust manifold to head

Group 02 - Clutch

Spring, pressure clutch (bolted type)
Partnumber IMD-753930

Group 03 - Fuel system

Group 04 - Exhaust

Group 05 - Cooling

Kit, repair waterpump
Partnumber CV-608012

Group 06 - Electrical

Kit, repair ditributor
Partnumber DR-1900561


Cam, distributor
Partnumber DR-1882230


Point set, distributor
Partnumber DR-1855720


Cap, distributor
Partnumber DR-1867722


Kit, repair generator

Partnumber GM-1900546

Lamp-unit, service tail and stop light
sealed 6-8 volt
Partnumber H004-054417

Group 07 - Transmission

Plate, lock transmission main drive
gear bearing retainer upper
€10,00 set of 2

Group 08 - Transfer

Oil Seal, transfer front and rear axle
drive shaft bearing

Partnumber GM-3659542

Group 09 - Propeller shaft

U-bolt, universal joint
trunnion bearing
Partnumber CV-2066840

Group 10 - Axle front

Group 11 - Axle rear

Group 12 - Brakes (less drums)

Spring, return
Front and rear brake
Partnumber CV-477474


Lock, brake shoe pin

Partnumber CV-359380


Kit repair,
front brake wheel cylinder
Partnumber GM-2150680

Spring, rear wheel brake cilinder

Partnumber DP-5300891

Spring, tension brake shoe
Front and rear
Partnumber CV-477440

Pin, brake shoe friction spring

Partnumber CV-477443

Band, propeller shaft brake

Partnumber YT-2126254

Group 13 - Wheels, hubs and drums

Drum, brake front wheel
Demountable type
Partnumber CV-608799

Wrench, wheel nut
This is a USED part in excellent condition
Partnumber 41-W-3838-30

Nut, locking outer left

Partnumber H014-05-37808

Nut, locking outer right

Partnumber H014-05-37805

Wrench wheel hub nut 

Partnumber GM-3670067


Nut, adjusting
Rear wheel bearing
Partnumber CV-473636


Nut,  adjusting
Front wheel bearing
Partnumber CV-3659722
€8,00 each


Oil seal, front wheel bearing inner

Partnumber CV-3665138

Nut, locking inner right
Partnumber H014-05-37809

Group 14 - Steering

Shaft, pitman steering gear

Partnumber SSG-267623

Bushing, steering gear
pitman arm shaft, large
Partnumber SSG-267082

Group 15 - Frame and brackets

Group 16 - Springs and shock absorbers

Bushing, front and rear spring shackle
Partnumber CV-594664

Group 20 -Winch assembly, parts and controls

Oil seal. winch worm shaft
Partnumber H013-0500094


Group 22 - Mirrors, windshield wipers etc

Kit, repair windshield wiper
Partnumber CV-608900

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