G502 / G507 - Dodge WC

Group 01 - Engine

Piston, engine 0.030 oversize
With pin and piston rings set of 6
Partnumber CC-7954808


Bearing set,  crankshaft standard

Partnumber CC-996379


Bearing set, crankshaft
0.020 undersize
Partnumber CC-996432


Cap, engine crankcase breather

Partnumber CC-921193


Oil filter element

Partnumber H016-05-40462


Bearing set, connecting rod
0.030 undersize
Partnumber CC-996435


Sprocker, drive engine crankshaft
Fits also Dodge M37
Partnumber CC-601760


Stud, engine cylinder head

Partnumber CC-652440

€5,00 each

Ring set, piston 0,040 oversize
Complete set for 6 pistons
Partnumber CC-986873


Gasket, engine cylinder head

Partnumber CC-859224


Connector, engine oil filter to
flexible line
Partnumber CC-869572


Group 02 - Clutch

Lever,  clutch control pedal shaft
Partnumber CC-921840


Group 03 - Fuel system

Cap, fuel tank

Partnumber CC-927512


Gasket set, engine carburator (Carter)

Partnumber CC-1073079


Controle Guide & Housing, 
engine throttle / choke controle cable
Partnumber CC-919904


Rod, control carburator foot throttle

Partnumber CC-922375


Dome,  air engine fuel pump
Partnumber CC-639103


Group 04 - Exhaust

Group 05 - Cooling

Thermostat 180F
Partnumber CC-868432


Gasket, engine thermostat
Partnumber CC-863220


Group 06 - Electrical

Kit, repair generator regulator 12 volt
Partnumber CC-1056070


Brush set, generator
Partnumber CC-677175


Spring, generator brush 
Partnumber CC-674935

€2,00 each

Coil, generator current regulator
Partnumber CC-928556


Filter, radio suppression, ignition coil

Partnumber CC-1090562


Frame, cranking motor commutator end including brush spring
Partnumber CC-1123011


Box, resistor trailer 12v-6v

Partnumber CC1089661


Brush set, engine cranking motor

Partnumber CC-927909


Condensor, radio suppression
Partnumber CC-930284


Switch, signal lamp
Partnumber CC-920355


Group 07 - Transmission

Group 08 - Transfer

Gasket set, transfer case
Partnumber CC-996418


Group 09 - Propeller shaft

Lock, prop shaft universal joint lock
Box of 20 pieces
Partnumber CC-572603


Shaft, propeller rear
(Command and Weapon carrier only)
Partnumber CC-925040


Group 10 - Axle front

Felt front axle steering knuckle
Partnumber CC-924635

€12,50 set of 2

Oil seal, front axle drive pinion (early)
Partnumber CC-856864


Group 11 - Axle rear

Oil seal, rear axle drive pinion (early)
Partnumber CC-856864


Group 12 - Brakes (less drums)

Plate, service brake shoe anchor
(Front and rear)
Partnumber CC-924648


Brake shoe spring

Partnumber CC-303615


Kit, repair master brake cylinder

Partnumber CC-800001


Group 13 - Wheels, hubs and drums

Oil seal, rear wheel bearing outer
Partnumber CC-915496


Group 14 - Steering

Group 15 - Frame and brackets

Group 16 - Springs and shock absorbers

U-Bolt Rear G507 / 6x6 only

Partnumber CC-926174


Nut, rear spring u-bolt
G507 / 6x6 only
Partnumber CC-510855

€5,00 set of 2

Shackle, rear spring with bushing
(except ambulance)
Partnumber CC-921033


Group 22 - Misc. body, chassis and accesories 

Core, flexible speedometer cable
67 inch long G502 / 4x4 only
Partnumber CC-920402


Plate, operating transmission

Partnumber CC-916178


Plate, nomenclature
WC-51 only
Partnumber G502-7732262


Plate, nomenclature
WC-52 only
Partnumber G502-7732263


Plate, nomenclature
WC-54 only
Partnumber G502-7732265


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