G508 - GMC

Group 01 - Engine

Insulator, engine rear support

Partnumber GM-2074268 


Support, engine front

Partnumber GM-3567520


Bearing set, main engine crankshaft standard
Partnumber GM-SN-3246


Bearing set, main engine crankshaft .010 undersize
Partnumber GM-SN-3248


Bearing set, main engine crankshaft .020 undersize
Partnumber GM-SN-3249


Bearing set, engine connecting rod
Partnumber  GM-2190391


Shaft, engine oil pump

Partnumber GM-6107369


Gasket, engine intake to exhaust manifold
Partnumber GM-838290


Manifold, intake engine
AFKWX only
partnumber GM-2137787


Group 02 - Clutch

Spring, clutch diaphragm
Partnumber GM-753930


Group 03 - Fuel system

Element, carburetor air cleaner

Partnumber GM-1543243


Carburator, assembly
AFKWX only

Partnumber G508-7539257


Kit, repair fuel pump
Diaphragm needs to be replaced by modern type
Partnumber GM-1538698


Gasket set, carburator
For die cast type carburator

Partnumber GM-2154108


Cock, shut-off fuel filter-fuel tube
CCKWX only
Partnumber GM-691253


Group 04 - Exhaust

Group 05 - Cooling

Kit, repair waterpump
Partnumber GM-2143801


Gasket, water pump plate
Partnumber GM-838150


Group 06 - Electrical

Kit, repair
for distributor GM-1110135
Partnumber GM-1900560


Stud, cranking motor shift lever

Partnumber GM-1868003

€5,00 each

Point set, distributor

Partnumber GM-1855720


Cap, distributor

Partnumber GM-1867722


Lamp unit, black-out stop light
Partnumber GM-5933121


Kit, repair generator regulator
Partnumber GM-2206951


Button, horn
Partnumber GM-268785


Kit, repair generator
Partnumber GM-1900546


Group 07 - Transmission

Mainshaft overdrive gear bearing
Partnumber GM-2019983


Gasket set, transmission overhaul

Partnumber GM-2145007


Group 08 - Transfer

Oil Seal, transfer case axle drive shaft
bearing. Banjo only
Partnumber GM-3659542

Oil Seal, transfer case mainshaft bearing cap. Split only
Partnumber GM-2031437

Mainshaft, transfer case
Split only
Partnumber GM-2180712

Group 09 - Propeller shaft

Flange, front and rear axle prop. shaft
Split only
Partnumber GM-2155007

Flange, transfer case to transmission prop. shaft (at case). Split only
Partnumber GM-2026592

Flange, transfer case mainshaft prop. shaft. Banjo only
Partnumber GM-591275

Yoke, sleeve slip joint
Split only
Partnumber GM-2023303

U-bolt, prop shaft flange
Banjo and Split
Partnumber GM-2066840

Group 10 - Axle front

Shim set, front axle
Split only
Partnumber GM-2199542

Group 11 - Axle rear

Gasket set, intermediate and rear axle
Split only
Partnumber GM-2185089

Group 12 - Brakes (less drums)

Kit, repair master cilinder
CCKWX / Early CCKW only

Partnumber GM2145003


Diaphgram with plate
For hydrovac type 3

Partnumber GM-374792


Spring, rear brake wheel cylinder piston cup. Banjo and Split

Partnumber GM-5300891


Spring, return
Front brake Banjo
Rear brake Banjo and Split
Partnumber GM-477474


Tube, rear frame tube tee to left rear hose tee LWB only
Partnumber GM-2156743


Front brake shoe spin Banjo only
Rear brake shoe pin Banjo and Split
Partnumber GM-477440


Kit repair,
front brake wheel cylinder Banjo
Partnumber GM-2150680


Front brake shoe banjo only
Rear brake shoe Banjo and Split
Partnumber GM-477443


Lock, brake shoe pin

Partnumber GM-359380


Kit, repair front wheel brake cylinder
Split only

Partnumber GM-2145002


Element, hydrovac air cleaner

Partnumber GM-2200454


Band, handbrake includes lining
Banjo and Split

Partnumber GM-2126254


Group 13 - Wheels, hubs and drums

Drum, brake front wheel Banjo
Demountable type
Partnumber GM-608799


Wrench wheel hub nut Banjo

Partnumber GM-3670067


Nut, adjusting
Rear wheel bearing Banjo
Partnumber GM-473636


Nut,  adjusting
Front wheel bearing Banjo
Partnumber GM-3659722

€8,00 each

Wrench, wheel nut
This is a USED part in excellent condition
Partnumber 41-W-3838-30

Shield, oil rear brake drum conventional type Split only
Partnumber GM-2140130

Nut, locking outer left

Partnumber H014-05-37808

Nut, locking outer right

Partnumber H014-05-37805

Nut, locking inner right
Partnumber H014-05-37809

Group 14 - Steering

Group 15 - Frame and brackets

Group 16 - Springs and shock absorbers

Group 20 -Winch assembly, parts and controls

Oil seal, hoist winch worm 
Partnumber GW-3Y393


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