G503 - Willys MB & Ford GPW

Group 01 - Engine

Oil filter element
Partnumber H016-05-40462


Gasket set, engine valve regrind
Cork not usable
Partnumber FM-GPW-18387


Ring set, engine piston 0.020 oversize

Partnumber WO-A-6796


Gasket, engine intake and exhaust manifold
Partnumber WO-A-638640


Lock, engine valve spring retainer

Partnumber GPW-6546
€2,50  set of 2 half

Bolt, connecting rod cap 3/8

Partnumber WO-A-641768
€8,00 set of 2

Camshaft, engine

Partnumber WO-A-637065

Pulley, engine crankshaft
Used with modification
Partnumber FM-GPW-S-6312

Group 02 - Clutch

Group 03 - Fuel system

Antisqueak, fuel tank
Partnumbers WO-A-1738, WO-A-1739 and WO-A-1740
€15,00 sold as set

NEW! Gasket set, carburetor

Partnumber WO-A-6837

NEW! Element, air cleaner w/wing bolt

Partnumber WO-A-5630

Group 04 - Exhaust

Group 05 - Cooling

Group 06 - Electrical

Kit, repair generator regulator 12 volt
Partnumber AL-KIT-28


Brush set, generator
Partnumber WO-A-1651


Brush set, generator FORD marked
Partnumber GPW-10069


Spring, generator brush
Partnumber GPW-10057

€2,00 each

Weight, distributor

Partnumber WO-A-1676
€13,00 set of 2

Brush set, engine cranking motor

Partnumber WO-A-1552

Lamp-unit, service tail and stop light
sealed 6-8 volt
Partnumber H004-054417

Group 07 - Transmission

Group 08 - Transfer

Gear, sliding transfer case
output shaft
Partnumber FM-GPW-7765


Shaft, transfer case output clutch
With nut and washer
Partnumber WO-A-8835


Bushing, transfer case output clutch shaft pilot
Partnumber WO-A-987


Group 09 - Propeller shaft

Snapring, propeller shaft
universal joint
Partnumber WO-A-945

€2,00 set of 2

Group 10 - Axle front

Oil seal, axle shaft inner end
Partnumber FM-GPW-3034


Group 11 - Axle rear

Oil seal, axle shaft inner end
Partnumber FM-GPW-3034


Group 12 - Brakes (less drums)

Handle, hand brake

Partnumber WO-A-639244


Spring, front brake wheel cylinder cup

Partnumber FM-GP-2205


Spring, hand brake
operating lever spacer
Partnumber WO-A-10336

Group 13 - Wheels, hubs and drums

Group 14 - Steering

Group 15 - Frame and brackets

Outrigger, body rear
Partnumber WO-A-637

Group 16 - Springs and shock absorbers

Shock absorber kit
Willys MB only
Partnumber WO-A-17642


Clip, rear spring leaf, small

Partnumber FM-GPW-5724A


Group 18 - body 

Arm, adjusting windshield
Partnumber WO-A-2235
€20,00 set of 2

Bracket,  windshield pivot
Partnumber WO-A-2213

Bracket, front seat pivot passenger
Partnumber WO-A-2453

Bracket, front seat pivot passenger
Partnumber FM-GPW-1162552

Bracket, front seat pivot passenger
WOF marked
Partnumber WO-A-2453

Bracket, windshield swing arm

Partnumber WO-A-2232

Retainer, tire pump foot

Partnumber WO-A-4516

Cup, retaining glove compartment
door lock
Partnumber WO-A-3652

Cylinder, glove compartment lock 
with H700 key
Partnumber WO-A-3532

T1 Westinghouse Compressor parts

Bearing , ball pulley
Partnumber 186019

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